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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Breaking News

Guild bargaining update - October 3, 2005
Talks between the Canadian Media Guild and CBC management went on until midnight Sunday on the two main remaining issues in the lockout: whether to reinstate free coffee from coast to coast and whether that coffee should or should not be decaffeinated. The two sides are resuming discussions this morning and indications are that talks will continue well into the year 2021. A 16 year “cone of silence” went into effect at 12:01am this morning, barring communication from either side with one another. Exactly how this will affect the talks remains unclear.

Well, that's what I'm expecting, anyway.

Hope I'm wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for making me smile

11:29 PM  
Blogger AC@43 said...

Ditto .. if wishes were fishes ya wouldn't go hungry ...

Keep up the hope ...

11:47 PM  

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