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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Back from a ten hour shift... a quick post and a few snapshots before heading off for another ten hour shift.

But first of all, to answer Justin's question, this blog will almost certainly be shut down after the lockout. This is a CBC lockout blog ("the new porn", as some have called it) and when this sad chapter in history is over, I will not continue the blog. Happily, I seem to be on strike or locked out of the CBC fairly frequently, so it's only a matter of time until the blog starts up again.

As the pizza add goes, "it was a rainy day" on the line today. The talk was of relationships, and love affairs on the line. Any picket line romances out there? Husbands and wives, if your spouse tells you, "Gee honey, I'm sorry but for some reason we have to picket forty hours this week... um, at night..." be suspicious.

They made me be a picket captain today. I usually agree because I know they're short of picket captains. And I'm a pushover. But not that much of a pushover. When you're a picket captain you have to sport some kind of picket captain ID. Mr. Picket Marshall said, "Put on this hat so they'll know who you are." He was talking about the famous orange picket captain hat. Did I mention it was orange? This is one ugly hat. Now, I've seen lots of people wear the hat and all I have to say to that is they're better people than me. Dorkier, but better. "Sorry," Mr. Picket Marshall told me, "It's non-negotiable. Now be a man and put on the damned hat."

Well, I'm sorry, but I draw the line at orange hats. I'm allergic to orange. It's bad enough I'm out on the street, do I have to look like a nerd, too? Okay, okay, yes I know that I AM a nerd... look, it's bad enough that I have to be a nerd, must I look like one, too? Folks, I'm serious, we need better picket captain hats. Something cool. Something, oh, I don't know, NOT ORANGE.

I get that they have to be visible. I know... how about something like what firemen used to wear? Those bright red metallic hats.

Now THAT would be a cool picket captain's hat.

As I said, back on the line today for another ten hours.

See ya.

I'll be the one not wearing the bright orange hat.


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