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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Suggestion Box

1. Better signs. Okay, it isn't the most important thing on the planet, but it isn't like we have tons of other pressing business on the picket line. Take the time to create a clever sign, something that will draw the eye. Maybe somebody will remember it, or snap a picture of it, help get the word out, unlike our thousand other generic signs. How about a team of clever artists, producing such signs? Maybe we ought to have a contest. A "best sign" contest.

Hey, it's just an idea.

2. Volunteer to be a picket captain. We have a shortage of picket captains. Being picket captain is fun. You get to chat with burly security guards. They'll tell you all about their old injuries, inflicted doing battle with rather more aggressive picketers than us. Reminding you that your job as picket captain is to stay cool, and keep the peace.

3. We need more water on the line. Somebody buy more water. Lots more water. There should be water there all the time. Lots of it. Water. I'm serious.

Either that or milkshakes. I had one today and it really hit the spot.


Forget the water. We need more milkshakes on the line. Somebody buy more milkshakes.


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