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Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Sixteen Hour Day

It was dark when I started...

And dark when I finished:

Well, the flash makes it look brighter than it was. Trust me, it was dark. Started at 5:30am and finished at 9:30pm. Sure hope I added it up right. Wouldn't want to be off by an hour!

Did a lot of talking and thinking that will no doubt prompt a few posts over the next few days. Snapped a few interesting pictures, too, which I'll post here and there. In the meantime, thanks to Robin Rowland for seconding my thoughts on binding arbitration (although he actually brought the subject up first). Robin also assured me that when he used the word "vocation" in one of his posts, he meant it (mostly) in a good way. I thanked him for clearing that up in an e-mail which, as a bonus, revealed my top secret identity, which unfortunately isn't that much of a bonus as I think it's well on it's way to being one of the worst kept secrets of the millenia.

A demain...


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