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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rabinovitch Should Resign

Looks like Ouimet is thinking pretty much what I was thinking in my last post. That the Feds should replace Rabinovitch with someone actually capable of running the national public broadcaster, as opposed to someone hell bent on destroying it.

But really, today I'm thinking that Rabinovitch himself should just do the honourable thing and resign. That's usually what happens when a prominent public servant messes up. Yes, he should simply resign, along with the rest of his cronies, the whole lot of them, anyone implicated in this whole debacle. They should admit that they messed up. That they took Canada's national public broadcaster off the air (and worse, kept it off the air) at a most inopportune time, just as stunning, unprecedented world events were transpiring.

Of course, willfully depriving the Canadian public at any time of a service that we own, that many of us rely on, and that we continue to pay for every single day that it is effectively hamstrung is deplorable, and should be eminent grounds for the dismissal of those responsible.

So just do the right thing and resign, Bob. And George, and Dick.

Go screw up somebody else's public institution, if you really must.


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