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Saturday, September 17, 2005

On The Line

I'm in the middle of my ten hour day, just finished Picket Captain duty (did not wear the orange hat), did many many laps, I've decided I deserve to sit for a few minutes and do up a quick post, live on the line.

One of the benefits of being a picket captain is that everybody buys you free beer while you're standing there. Okay they don't, but they ought to. Actually, I just finished reading the picket captain rules and alchohol's strictly prohibited on the line.

I guess that's a good thing.

One of the REAL benefits is that you get to talk to managers entering the building. At first glance that might not sound like a good thing, but like much else in life, it is if you make it work for you. I like to engage them in conversation, and these days they're only too happy to talk. I still find it sad how many of them continue to toe the management party line, but as one of them explained to me, some feel they have to do that, because they're paranoid. Word gets out. So they have to be careful.

One manager told me that his crowd inside thought it would be all over by next week. He'd heard that they'd planned to expedite bargaining this weekend and start wrapping it all up by next week. Yes, I know these rumours aren't worth the paper they're printed on, but myself I don't have a problem with speculating. Another manager told me that the managers inside are fervently reading the blogs, and there have been some hurt feelings. He said, there's no reason to get personal. Senior managerment may have asked for it, but the middle managers haven't, so why be mean to them.

I'm inclined to agree, frankly, and have made it a point in this blog not to get personal with anybody other than senior management, who I feel orchestrated this whole fiasco. This is not an opportunity to settle personal scores with people with whom I may have issues. It's not about that. It's about getting back inside, earning money to support my family, and perhaps (not to put too fine a point on it) saving public broadcasting in this country. Yes, I know I hurled a few epithets a few posts back, but they were generic epithets, directed to anybody willing to embrace them, that may have been feeling rather like a bastard or an idiot that particular day. I'm sure you know who you are.

But I digress. Digression is better than standing in the sun, although I will return to my picket line duties shortly.

Speaking of which, as I was standing directly in the sun a short while ago, lamenting aloud the imminent onset of skin cancer, a friend said, "Don't worry, skin cancer's the happy cancer. You'll look back later and think, well, at least I got this spending lots of time outside in the sun."

Um... I think not.

Yesterday while it was raining I noticed many people clinging to the walls and doors. Several of them were reading. One of them told me today that management complained, forcing these people away from the walls. Apparently having them so close to the walls "bothered them." Gee, we can't be bothering those poor people inside, can we? Just to be sure, they turned off the lights so that people couldn't read.


My time is up, time to hit the bricks again.

Fun in the sun.


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