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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lockout Dreams

Had my first lockout dream last night. It's been said that there's nothing more boring than another person's dreams. Having said that, I'm not going to spare you the details.

I dreamt that we were picketing outside the Broadcast Centre at night. We completely surrounded the place. I was with some francophone colleagues... I speak French (after a fashion) but I was having a lot of trouble understanding them. The dream stuttered and I found myself inside the building. I thought, "Is the lockout over?" But I could see the picket lines outside. My God, they'll think I crossed the picket line! I tried to get out, and wound up in the basement levels. Water was rising from the floor, emergency crews were trying to deal with it. Suddenly the place was filled with my colleagues trying to escape. The crews were warning us: "Get out! Get out now!" but it was impossible to tell which way to go.

The water continued to rise. Debris barred our way. Soon we floated in water several metres deep. I tried desperately to keep a female colleague afloat. Debris struck me and we separated; I lost her beneath the waves.

I made it to a floating bit of debris, mourning my colleague. The Broadcast Centre drifted away in chunks of jagged flotsam. The dream stuttered again and I found myself in an endless convoy of dishevelled former CBC employees on the road to an uncertain future.

Not hard to interpret that dream.

Sorry to inflict it on ya.


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