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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Human Face

Thanks to the On The Line newsletter people for changing the advertisement. I apologize for my crankiness... and thanks for the newsletter, it's informative and a much appreciated read both "on the line" and at home.

A fellow blogger took a few potshots at some of the security staff recently. I understand the impulse behind the potshots (especially if one is feeling cranky) but I feel the need to point out a few things. Number one, the security staff aren't our enemies, and this lot is positively friendly compared to the batch we encountered the last time out (except for Lucky... anybody remember Lucky? Lucky was all right).

Having done a few stints as a Picket Captain, and having spoken to other Picket Captains, I know that this bunch of security guards has come to our aid on several occasions. They've even spouted our party line to passersby (they know it off by heart, having heard it often enough). They have complimented our picket line for its restraint and our good sense. Many of the security guards are in transition, on their way to becoming firemen, police officers.

One (figured prominently in my fellow blogger's photos) is a fellow who has completely turned his life around after kicking drugs several years ago, and is now raising an adopted two year old girl by himself, after rescuing her from a Bad Scene. This man has my respect.

I'm not completely naive... I know that they would knock some of our heads should we attempt to storm the building or do something equally foolish. But that's not going to happen on this picket line.

So let's keep our focus on the people responsible for this mess.

I'll give you a hint... it ain't the security guards.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guys are friendly, but don't count them as your friends.
If we make the line tougher, you just watch their demeanor change.
While it may not be the security guards, they did choose to work for a company that specializes in "labour disputes"!

4:32 p.m.  
Blogger Aigle De Nuit said...

*shrug*...they've bounced the third party drunks off my line when we didn't have enough people.

They are fellow combatants in a currently non-shooting war. We have been lucky indeed. I prefer to be lucky in this case.

Zoran is just funny...get him to do the "yuck yuck's/bollywood face" routine sometime.

-Radioactive Grrl.

5:19 p.m.  
Blogger tv worker said...

well said old sport...these guys have a job and we have ours. So far its been pretty tame and we get to know them and they us. The incident with the photo of them peering into an empty limo parked in front of the John St.entrance caused them considerable pain with their bosses. The photo was taken by young lady who liked to sleep slumped against the building inside the yellow line by the RV. They left her alone, but she didn't return the favour.
If this so called labour disruption turns ugly, they'll be doing their job and we'll do ours. But in the mean time, stay loose.

7:35 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time it was London Protection that provided those black-clothed, jack-booted goons. Someone told me that the ones we have now are also London Protection. It just changed its name between last time and this. This is their "kinder, gentler" crew. I wouldn't trust them for a minute. Don't talk too much around them. Remember who hired them.

7:43 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Toronto security guards are way cooler than Ottawa. They've been told they can not speak to the pickets. They glare at us, zoom in on us with their cameras (usually with no tape, so it's just a failed attempt at intimidation). One was apparently fired for having a casual conversation with pickets. There is one lone security guard who whispers things under his breath like "welcome to the party!!" and "oh, leaving the party so soon?" He's a decent chap. But, all the rest are 8 dollar an hour goons who are getting off on trying to act tough (which they are not). Personally, I think there's more honour in telemarketing than what most of these guys are doing. And while I'm at it, why are they all men? Of course, they give me no end of amusement on the line when it's REALLY boring, so I'm voting for them to stay where they are.

8:02 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word is that this company was founded by a former official of LPI after that fine agency had some problems.
They are not your friends.

10:45 p.m.  
Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

Make no mistake... I never said they were my friends. I even acknowledged that they would not hesitate to knock me upside the head if the job required. My point was simply that they're not responsible for this mess (although yes, they have chosen to be a part of it), that they're human (it's when we strip the players in any situation of their humanity that we really get into trouble), and that this bunch (so far, in Toronto at least) have been helpful as opposed to belligerent.

10:29 a.m.  
Anonymous Locked Out Dave said...

Free speech is one of the few things we can enjoy while we're locked out. The Drones may have a point about the security guards but IMO it's a waste of time. If we direct our anger against the guards, we are doing exactly what Inhuman Resources boss George Smith wants. It's better to save our anger for the senior mis-managers who created this mess. You know: the idiots who locked us out. It's smarter to take our cue from our colleagues in Ottawa who sent Stursberg scuttling away.

The security guards are not our friends. Most of them won't go out of their way to start trouble unless we start it first. Ignore them or talk to them, whatever you're most comfortable with. Save your vitriol for the mis-managers.

Locked Out Dave

10:38 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They have chosen to take a high-paying miserable job.
At least the senior managers we hate so much are CBC people doing what they think (wrongly) is best.
These are mercenaries.
What else would they do if offered enough money.
These are not the security guards who work at the mall.
This is the sort of security company that will take scabs across picket lines in fortified buses or ram their way out with scab-produced products.
Just be happy we don't make wigets that these friendly fellows would want to move out.

1:34 p.m.  
Blogger Aigle De Nuit said...

Again *shrug*. After all-night shifts on John, I do a pretty fair impersonation of them now but if they walk a scab inside I think I'll save my indignation for the scab first.

I've never thought of the word "mercenary" as automatically a bad thing. Who doesn't do their job for $$$ when you really get down to it...theologians, I guess...I'm no. Saint

2:53 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on Aigle. Would you be willing to set up and mantain a system for them or the Hell's Angels, no matter how much they offered?
I know you and I think not.
If you (and most of us) were only after money, we easily could find an employer with lots of it.

3:12 p.m.  
Blogger Aigle De Nuit said...

Hi Anonymous...are you related to the other ones?

Wouldn't work for H.A., but I don't think you can automatically run a corollary on this sort of thing. I also wouldn't volunteer for the CBC...and I've done other jobs purely because I was paid.

Sometimes I represent IT to NCAN and NCAN to IT independent of my own opinion simply because it is my job.

I stand (for hours) on my call that I would dislike the person scabbing for money more than I would dislike the person escorting the scabber.

If we have a "shooting war" all this will change (but let's not, ok?)

5:14 p.m.  

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