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Friday, September 16, 2005


Picketing ten hours today and tomorrow so I'll probably be hard pressed to post much until Sunday. One of the kids isn't sleeping well... night terrors... so we haven't got much sleep the last couple of nights. If you see me sleeping on the concrete today with a picket sign over my face, that'll just be where I fell down.

Philly had a post about the impact of this whole thing on her kids; I'm beginning to wonder about the impact on my family. Parents anxious, projecting their anxiety onto their kids who suddenly can't sleep, keeping the whole house awake, increasing the tension and anxiety in what threatens to become a vicious feedback loop. Now, lest any senior management type read this and get the wrong idea, no, it doesn't make me want to cave. It makes me want to do something I've resolved not to do on this blog. It makes me want to call you names. Something like...


This is the height of stupidity. You're talking, working things out. Progress is slow, but progress is being made. Now, why couldn't we be working while you're talking? Serving the Canadian public? Fulfilling our mandate? Earning money to feed and house our families? Why couldn't we have been doing that all along?

This could just be lack of sleep talking, but...


Another labour dispute is resorting to arbitration to settle their dispute. It should have been arbritration from the get go. Most labour disputes should always be settled by some form of binding arbitration.

Lest it result in name calling.


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