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Friday, September 30, 2005

A Day in the Life

Tod Maffin in Simcoe Park

We all know where we sit in terms of negotiations, there's no use in belabouring that, so allow me to quickly dispense with today's latest rumour before getting on to the meat and potatoes part of this evening's post.

Today's latest rumour: Managers inside are saying the best case situation is that we'll be back to work in a week, and the worst case scenario is that we'll be back to work in two weeks.

Yes, I know... yawn! We've heard it all before.

So on with the post, which today features a day in the life of, well, me. I expect you'll find it not too different than a day in the life of, well, you. (Feel free to skip to another blog if this isn't your cup of tea.)

I hit the line about 10:45am and signed in. I was about to write down "10:45am" when someone said, "Ten forty five!" as if I had been on the verge of lying about my start time and he bloody well knew it. Now, to be honest, I had briefly considered writing 10:30am, thus buying me more time, because I was flirting with the idea of signing out at some point and seeing a movie. But my conscience managed to beat the stern man hovering before me; I had already decided to be honest. Damn that pesky conscience!

I said, "What, don't you trust me?" The fellow mumbled something resembling an explanation for his gruffness, and then asked me if I would be a picket captain. Slightly irked, I said I would think about it.

Straight away, I ran into a television journalist with whom I had both attended High School and worked at two private radio stations before both of us joined the CBC within a couple of years of each other. He told me amusing stories about the writer Tom Wolfe (..."he gets so worked up about deadlines that he sometimes writes on the toilet") and then we parted ways when I ran into a retired producer who had just popped down to say hello.

These days conversations on the line don't often relate to the lockout. My producer friend and I discussed child rearing. "Used to be the mother would threaten misbehaving children with, 'Just wait 'til your father gets home!' Nowadays the father threatens the children with, 'Let's see what your mother thinks about that!' It's been quite a generational shift."

A few more laps and then it was time for Tod Maffin, delivering his Future of the CBC speech live in Simcoe park. It's a good speech, replete with lots of Penguin Cafe Orchestra music and good thoughts on our future. I didn't agree with absolutely everything Tod said, but it's a welcome addition to a valuable conversation by an intelligent, passionate advocate for public broadcasting. And my quibbles are just that, quibbles.

Afterward I did a few laps with the talented Laurence Stevenson...

...shown here with radio producer Steve Wadhams explaining our situation to a couple of interested young men. I was trying to get a picture of Steve and Laurence alone but these guys must have talked for... well, I don't know, really, I got impatient and left after about three hours (okay, maybe it just felt like three hours). It had been my intention to get a picture for a post entitled "Steve and his personal walkman, Laurence..."

Because, you see, walking with Laurence is like having your own human walkman with you, as he strums on his (I forget what the thing's called, but it looks like a large ukelele) as you picket around the building. It's quite pleasant; I highly recommend it.

Soon it was time for a break. I take my breaks here:

I try not to buy anything, because (obviously) I can't afford it these days. I'm not always successful.

Later, someone told me about a secret manager entrance... one of those places they sneak into to avoid the picket line. Feeling intrepid, I went for a look:

I found one here, on level one of the parking garage. Just for fun I snapped a shot of the security guards as they snapped one of me snapping one of them snapping one of me... or something like that. "I smiled for you, now you smile for me," one of them said to me.

Countless laps later, my brain was reduced to trying to figure out what used to be at this corner, the one where the condominiums now sit:

I'm sure it was a parking lot, but somebody told me it wasn't, it was something else.

It was a parking lot, dammit, stop screwing with my brain!

And wait a minute... is that... could it be... trees up there?

That's just bizarre.

Well, I would go on, but it's late and you get the gist. A day on the line, much like any other.

Allow me to finish with:

"D'uhhh... d'uhhh... d'uhhh? D'uhhh?"

A cheap shot, I know, but I just couldn't resist. Hey, he started it! ...umm...

Oh great, now I sound like my kids.

One of us needs a time out.


Blogger Laurence said...

It's a mandola.
From the mandolin family. It's the equivalent of a viola.
I like it because it plays more or less the same way as my violin (which is a pain to play while walking any distance, Natalie MacMaster's talents notwithstanding) but it has frets,a strap and an ergonomically efficient scale length (no stretching!). Very comfy while going for the marathon playing record.
French bouree's and English hornpipes are excellent material to walk to. Jigs and reels tend to be too..well, fiddley.
And I don't think of myself as a mobile walkman.....more an IPod person.....

12:42 PM  
Blogger Aigle De Nuit said...

Hi Bee,

Your bookstore shot reminded me.I'seem to recall you read Science Fiction yes/no? If so, let me know and I may have something you're interested in book-loan-wise.

If not, you'd be stuck with some version of history, but if so, I'm not a book-Nazi with most of mine...they're meant to be read.

2:01 PM  
Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

Thanks for the clarification, Laurence... and sure, let's talk, Aigle. I'll see you out there.

11:36 PM  
Blogger Cold Feet said...

Mr. Workerbee...I have a bone to pick with you. (That's what my mom always said when she was really PISSED with me.)

You have me all messed up now.
Yesterday I was going to email you to tell you I always check your blog FIRST...(well, after cbcontheline)...then Tod's, then Ouimet (there may be a few others in there depending on how much time I have before I start layering up for the picket line!) Then LASTLY I check Matt Watt's blog because by that time I need a good laugh.

BUT the SPLIT SIDE I have from your last two entries has me reconsidering the whole order...

D'OH! What am I gonna do?

See if you can get those tyrants at the gym to settle for you swallowing a caribou, instead of a gnu. I might be able to arrange something.

Laurence...every tried the banjo-lele?

11:49 PM  
Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

Better stick with Matt for the humour, Cold Feet... he's the pro. And I'm up for the caribou!

6:59 PM  
Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

Dear You Know Who You Are:

You bet! (Licks his lips...)

8:14 AM  

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