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Monday, September 19, 2005

Burying the Lede

Note: My pal Laurence has pointed out to me the correct spelling (and meaning) of this post's title... hence the change

Back from a couple of days off with the family in which I managed to completely forget about the lockout. Well, except for everytime I purchased something. And the one time I mentioned it in a fit of guilt at not tipping somebody in a bathroom (don't ask... it's a long story, and not nearly as sordid as you're thinking.)

On Saturday I did a long post about the negotiations, and buried somewhere in the middle I mentioned that the senior management committee wouldn't let us back in until after ratification. So I get home today Monday and Tod's got the story up as breaking news, from some other source, which left me feeling somewhat, um, bemused.

Please understand that I neither fault nor blame Tod for this... just to be clear, I thank Tod for many, many things and blame him for nothing. Also, Tod had lots more info in his post than I did. And I certainly don't expect Tod or anyone else (um, except for Mom) to ferret through every single line of this blog in the remote chance that there might be some useful piece of info in it. No, I blame myself, because I buried that piece of info inside a long post (guess that's what they mean by burying the lead... hey, I ain't no journalist) and I have a bad habit of creating a post, posting it, and then writing about three more lengthy posts on the same day and posting them too.

And then this "Anton from Toronto" character comes along and I feel I have to post his stuff, too.

Like, really. Who's gonna wade through all them posts?

I mean besides Mom.

(Okay Mom, maybe, MAYBE I'll wear the damned hat.


So what have I learned? That the next time I feel I have something Really Important to post I'll post it... and nothing else (no, not even something from this Anton character), and keep it up there for three days in a row. I'll post it in large, orange, blinking neon letters, wait for an excerpt of it to appear in Tessa's blog and for it to be read aloud on the Jay Leno show...

...and then I'll THINK about maybe posting something else.

And I figure I'll have about as much luck with that as I'm having with this whole "not eating chocolate" thing.


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