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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Workerbee Bristles at Constructive Criticism

This fellow appeared to take exception to my criticism of the Guild in my post a short while ago entitled Struck Work. Allow me to make my sentiments clear here.

Littlejohn said...
It is very easy to sit on the sidelines and say the Union should have done this or that. But you should have been involved or motivated enough to effect the results. Quit yer whinning?In reality, the union is only as active as you are, so get off yer duff and do it. If you are already up to your neck in being busy, one of the most destructive blows to moral is someone in leadership blowing off steam about someone elses jurisdiction.
4:44 PM

cbcworkerbee said...
I am no more obligated to support the union unconditionally -- a union that has betrayed me twice --than I am to support CBC management. It happens that I do not sit on the sidelines; I picket at least twenty hours a week AND I cover the lockout with this blog, with a large pro union bias despite the odd criticism. Had I known about this incident in time I might well have done something about it. You'll note that I've done something in retrospect; I brought it to everyone's attention.

Make no mistake, I DO support this union. But like CBC management, my wife, myself, my friends, and everyone else on this planet, it is not beyond reproach, and should not bristle at the occasional bit of constructive criticism.


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