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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

An Ugly Piece of Business

Found this on Locked Out Employee 100000223's site... hope you don't mind me reposting it here, LOE. LOE's best guess it that it's Fred Mattocks and Krista Harris... a memo sent shortly before the lockout:

"On the Friday conference call, we were asked whether managers were expected to visit the picket lines in their locations.

Some of us remember a day when spending a few minutes with picketers was encouraged. Those days were a very different situation than the one we're in now.

It is expected that designated Location Chiefs visit the picket line a couple of times of day to liase with CSM and with the picket captains and to gauge the mood on the line.

However, there should be no other managers or other non-CMG staff visiting the line, nor should there be any attempts to "improve the mood" on the line, by providing food or drink, for example. It's very important, if there is a lock-out, that we bring a quick resolution to the work stoppage. A quick resolution will be helped by picketers focussing on the reality of their situation. Making things more comfortable for the picketers does not support this goal.

Fred and Krista"

Draw your own conclusions, folks. My conclusions are not happy ones. It would appear to lend credence to this story.


Blogger formertvslavetolove said...

Of all the things I've seen and heard, this takes the cake. My emotions flucuate between hurt and angry.
First all to Fred and Krista, do you remember the moment it happened to you? Yes, I mean that moment when you ceased to care about the legions of people who put their heart and soul into this corporation? When did you become the kind of person who would rather see a tired, hungry defeated workforce at the helm? The kind of person who is so out of touch with reality to not realize that for some people the donated food on the lines just might be the only meal they get that day.
To the managers and non-CMG people who received this email, I am so sorry that you are being put in this position. It is as unfair to you as it is to us. Fred and Krista won't have to deal with the bitterness this email generates. You will.
OR you can choose to ignore it. Come to the line on your FREE time. Bring an urn of coffee, a loaf of sandwiches or a pizza. Your employees will remember you fondly when all this is said and done. You command the respect you deserve. We work side by side with you every day. Please don't let them bully you and don't let them turn you the kind of person who would write this email. As unfair as it is, the burden rests on you. They are trying to divide and conquer inside and outside. Don't let them.

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