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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I just want to say that I like John Gushue because he keeps linking to me. Thanks John! Oh yeah, and he has a great, informative blog too. Plus he's from the Rock. What more can you ask for in a person?

Thanks to anyone else who's linked to me, I appreciate it. (That means you, Tod...)

There are a lot of great blogs out there on the lockout, over time perhaps I'll link to more of them, but you pretty much just have to go to Tod or John's page to access them. I linked to Aigle's page because I do have to admit I like the writing on her page, even though I was hurt that Tod picked her as his fave (sniff!) We should have a blogging party sometime just to meet one another when this is all over in February.

Okay, bad joke, sorry. But I stand behind the blog party idea.

Another page I like is Matt Watts, but that's just because I'm a big Matt Watts fan (even though he won't link to me, the bastard! Yeah, I know, he's just being impartial. He won't link to any of us. The bastard!) Matt, if you're out there, I just wanna say: you were always my all time favourite Kid in the Hall. ;-)


Blogger Aigle De Nuit said...

Hmmm my last comment didn't seem to take.

Bee, Look at the CMG Toronto BB. I've just listed this as a possible topic.

We're smart, I'm sure we can webcast Todd (or, I'm sure he can). Perhaps we can have phone-ins???

"get that N.B. mouse on the air...He's hot and Bilingual!"

And I repeat, J'apporterai le thé!

10:59 p.m.  
Blogger cbcworkerbee said...

J'y vais...

12:45 a.m.  

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