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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How Do You Feel?

People often ask me on the line, how do you feel? I've walked the line often enough to know that how I feel on the line is pretty much however I want to feel. If I want to feel discouraged, I feel discouraged. If I want to feel good, I feel good. So yesterday on the line I felt good. There are several ways to make yourself feel good, and I'm not talking about substance abuse (unless you include Tim Horton's coffee and the odd Timbit).

I got to talking to one smart picketer and we agreed on several points. That you have to keep your spirits up. That time goes faster if you talk to interesting people. That if you angle your head just the right way the shadow of your baseball cap makes you look like you have a conehead. We also concluded that far from being discouraged, we should feel privileged to participate in a useful fight, a fight that may not only help us, but may help others in the future, that may well improve someone's standard of living a century from now.

I love the argument that the union ought to get with the times, because they times they are a changin'. A changin' how? Back to the industrial revolution? As my picketer friend said, this move towards contracting may be a trend, but if so it's not a good trend! It's one that must be fought, lest we find ourselves with no guaranteed jobs, no pensions, no benefits, no nuthin' in exchange for our hard work, our dedication, our lives.

So when people ask me how I feel, I tell them I feel good. After which I adjust my cap and pose a question of my own:

"Do you think my shadow makes me look like a conehead?"


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